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Go4Read has been hosting online exams for a vast range of global institutes since 2013 with easy-to-use interface sets us apart as the leading online testing service provider, benefiting everyone from large corporations to private institute.

Go4Read is all-in-one Online Testing platforms. The result - significant cost savings, increasing productivity, and secure, seamless and enhanced user experience across all platforms. Go4Read is a online exam software with a digital focus and a global awareness and point of view. We offer an entire suite of facilitating and hosting online exams.

Our goal is to not just influence but to inspire candidates to engage with our partners brands and embark on long-term, mutually beneficial brand relationships.

We partner with our clients so that our journey to remarkable results is a shared one as collaboration is core to the Fusionfarm culture and our success.

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24x7 Support is one of the best online support services.

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