Powerful Features Main Features

Exam & Data Security

Exam and data security ensures to prevent multiple signin, copy paste & print screen during exams

Detailed Analysis

Detailed information on exams such as completed or pending by date time, score, packages and names.

Web Integration

API, Webhooks & Easily create subscriptions and sell it using our Payment Gateways

Self Registration

You can create customized registration page, and candidates can create an account for your exam portal

URL based exams

You can share you exam link to your students by mail, message

Real-time quick reports

Detailed report as quick as completion, Time Analysis, Question Analysis

Discounts & Coupons

Offer discounts to your customers by creating coupon codes

Tips to Candidates

You can send tips to candidates according to performance

Responsive Layout

Go4Read modern and clean responsive theme is optimized for almost all device

User Package

User Package allow you to organize customers in a package and track their progress online

Fully Customizable

Your tests are fully customizable. Choose to allow viewing correct answers after each question

Editor Support

Whiteboard editor features painting and drawing tool, highlighter, image library, LaTeX math equations

Create Any Exam Pattern

Keeping in view different exam patterns, any question type - MCQs, objective questions, essay type questions, skills-based questions, simulation questions

Adaptive Testing Algorithms

Evaluates a response given by students and determines the right level of difficulty of a question

Centralized Administration

Provides a powerful centralized dashboard to manage all your tests, packages, and assessments

Mobile/Tablet Support

Modern and responsive theme is optimized for almost any device - be it Mobile, Tablet or Web

Own Branding

Personalize your Panel with your own logo and your own sub-domain name to keep the identity of your Institute

Make Money

Make packages, offer to students from your page/panel and make profit out of it


Trusted by thousands of Educators worldwide when giving online exams for employees, recruiting and candidates


Our modern platform lets you award certificates upon successful completion of your exams

Features Starter Professional Custom
Complete Functional Environment 
Resume Test options 
View unanswered, on-review Questions during Test 
Embed Content (Images, Documents, Video, Audio)
Certificates of completion
Deliver exams via mobile
Multiple choice, Numerical Type, True/False, Short answer, Essay Type & more
Detailed Reports
Unlimited Students 
Re-use Questions 
Custom designed PDF certificates
Custom modules
Multiple instructor accounts
Premium Sub-Domain
Payment Gateway 
Multilingual Support 
Unlimited Tests & questions 
Random questions on Test start
Admit card management 
Exam planning 
Question paper logistics 
Exam day management 
Results processing 
Public & Private Test (options)
Role-based access control
Multi Exam Screen
Upload Content (images, documents)
Email results to Institute
Email results to Candidates
Integrate using our API
Send Tips to Candidates
SMS results to Institute
SMS results to Candidates
Multiple Attempt of Quiz 


Using Go4Read means you do not have to pay Web Developers, Designers or programmer to keep you online exams up and running. Go4Read is monitored by our Best Engineers 24x7 to ensure your online exams are available when you and your candidates need them.