Frequently Asked Questions

Go4Read provides complete online education solutions for the institute and the students. The product is free for institute and provides multiple tools like a free online test series gateway, attendance management gateway, data management etc. Go4Read also provides a Payment gateway for institute.

A few important benefits are -

  • Zero setup cost
  • No documentation required for using Go4Read
  • Create your website/store or package page in minutes
  • No technical knowledge required to start Online Examination
  • If you have a problem, we are here to help.

The institute login facility provided with Go4Read covers a wide range of your requirement. Few are :-

  • Dashboard
  • Upload Questions
  • Manage Packages
  • Manage Students
  • Add students
  • Send Message to student via mail or SMS
  • Create question paper
  • Create Groups / Packages
  • Assign Marks to Questions
  • Schedule Test for different user
  • Create Rank / Grade
  • Display paper Analysis
  • View & print Report of each user
  • View answers response of each question
  • Send tips to students
  • Upload video or share documents
  • Upload news or notice
  • Change logo or header Footer of student panel
  • Webhook
  • Integration API & more
Please Visit our Features Page for more info

Yes, Go4Read will save test results for you to review. Simply go the My Package to view results as required.
You can also view test results in real time. Answers are saved as each user proceeds to the next page. You can view "Live Exams" results on your results page.

Yes! Go4Read supports any language in which a question paper can be typed on MS Word. But the indexing of questions or options and markers should be in the prescribed form.

It supports almost all type of questions Few to mention-

  • Multiple Choice Type Questions single correct
  • Multiple Choice Type Questions multiple correct
  • Group Multiple Choice Type Questions single correct like comprehensions or data interpretation
  • Group Multiple Choice Type Questions (multiple correct) like comprehensions or data interpretation
  • True and False
  • Integer Type / Numerical Type
  • Matrix match or the match the column type
  • Linked questions
  • Assertion and Reasons type

The platform has Institute panel in this panel you are provided a facility for managing your students. In Data management you can add students one by one directly.

The charge is only on the creation of a test on an uploaded question paper and on the registered students when he/she takes the test. you can View pricing details.

In case you have got your websites coded in languages like PHP, JSP & .NET, it would vary depending upon integration time taken by your developer.

Yes, we do provide technical support. You or your developer can drop an email at or call at +91-9369996698. One of our integration engineers will get in touch with you.

Depends on your plans, for plan and pricing please view our Pricing Page.

There are no limit on number of students for Premium Plans & Coin Plans.

The documents required depends on your Business Filing status. So if you register as proprietor the documents required will be different from the documents required You may contact our Support Team at

No problem !! You can resume it later.

Referral by student is allowed by your own settings for promotion.

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