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How to conduct online test for free

Conduct online exams in the classroom, institute or at home. Set practice tests and receive instant results. Give your online quizzes & tests locally or internationally in a secure web-based test

online test conducting software

Are you looking for an easy way to build exams online? Our online exam software is user-friendly and having top facilities. Create online exams within 5-Min ! Go4Read provides comprehensive examination software for conducting any type of exam including online exam, offline lab exam, class room exams.

Online test conducting software features

Most online exams can be done at any time you wish so you could select a comfortable time.

Another benefit is that if you live in for example china you cannot do an exam in india but through online exams you can do exams from any country you live.

Conduct an Online Exam using Online Exam Software ?

Go4Read is one of the best online examination system which offer an integrated package of software applications for online exams, lab based examscentre based exams and many more. This web software is capable to answer the undying efforts of the teachers as well as the moderators who are working towards simplification and modernisation of the exam techniques. Conduct Exam has already conducted innumerable exams throughout and has proved highly successful and simplified in campus placement reducing manpower requirement and the cost implementation as well as work load of the company officials. The results are highly reliable, quick, saves time and manpower.

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At the present scenario, different competitive & entrance examination, which are being conducted online - Computer Based Test (CBT) & in upcoming days, it can be assumed that more examinations will be conducted online. To manage its resources with optimal efficiency, Institute management need to have robust and integrated Online Testing & assessment software to give the exact exam environment for Computer Based Test (CBT) to their students. GO4READ ‘Online Exam software’ is most popular and comprehensive Testing & Assessment software that able to create the exact exam environment & prepare the aspirants for final exams with more confidence for Computer Based Test (CBT).