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Tons of question type go4read supports

Textbox (Short Answer)
 For brief responses of just a few words at a time
Essay (Long Text)
 Used for longer text responses of a few sentences or more
Radio Buttons (Multiple Choice)
 Set of options of which one or more than one answer can be chosen
 Allow your respondents to select multiple answers from a list
 Single select questions with answer options in a pre-populated list
Rating (Likert Scale)
 The most widely used approach to collecting responses based on a scale
 Provide steps or descriptions to your survey as needed
Multi-Select Dropdown
 Select multiple answer options from a dropdown list
Textbox List
 A list of short answer, open text fields with labels for each row
Textbox Grid
 A grid of short answer, open text fields with labels for each row and column
Dropdown Menu List
 A dropdown menu of possible response selections
Net Promoter Score
 A customizable question type just for measuring customer sentiments
Radio Button Grid
 A single select grid of radio button response options
Checkbox Grid
 A grid of checkbox response options
Dropdown Menu Grid
 A grid of dropdown menu response options
Drag & Drop Ranking
 Allow respondents to drag and drop response options in order
Ranking Grid (1st, 2nd, 3rd, etc)
 Drag and drop response options in the order of rank in grid form
Continuous Sum
 Enter numeric values for a list of items that will automatically calculate the sum
Star Rating Grid
 Use stars instead of numbers in your rating systems
Contact Form
 A custom question type used as an easy way to collect contact information
Poll Charts
 Show your respondents how other people answered the survey
Images and Videos
 Upload images or videos to your survey
Video Embed
 Add video that respondents can play and provide feedback
Audio Embed
 Add audio to learn how respondents react to hearing the piece
Image Choice
 Respondents click images as answer options
Custom Group
 Group questions together and control their layout
Custom Table
 Arrange different question types into a single format
File Upload
 Allow respondents to upload files in the type of your choice
 Safeguard against bots spamming your survey
HTML5: Input Type for Textbox
 Use HTML5 input types to validate Textbox questions
Social Media Sharing
 Get more responses by promoting your survey on social media
Quick Card Sort
 Respondents drag and drop answers into groups
Closed Card Sort
 Create buckets or Groups that respondents drag-n-drop in answers
Open Card Sort
Allow respondents to create categories or Groups to sort given answer