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How to hide price of Coupon based test at Candidate Site?
How to manage Candidate Site?
How to set Auto Activation for registration at Candidate Site?
How to set Coupon link at Candidate Site?
How to show or hide contact number at Candidate Site?
How to show or hide email at Candidate Site?
How to show or hide Packages at Candidate Site?
What is Candidate Site?
How to generate or print Coupons?
What is Coupons?
What is Types and uses of Coupons?
How to Add New Branch?
How to Add New Course?
How to Add New Subject?
How to View Course, Branch and Subjects?
How to Add Candidates ?
How to assign package for candidates ?
How to see package details of candidate?
How to view candidate list ?
How to view Candidates profile?
How to send a mail to candidates?
How to Activate or Deactivate Question Papers?
How to Add labels in Question Paper ?
How to assign questions to Examinations ?
How to Create Question Papers ?
How to Edit Examination or Question Paper ?
How to Group Questions in Question Paper ?
How to know your Examination is ready to activate?
How to remove questions from Examinations ?
How to Reorder questions in Question Paper ?
What is Labels in Question Paper ?
How to manage files?
What is File Manager?
How to add Instructors?
How to change Access Rights Instructors?
How to Delete Instructors?
What is meaning of instructor?
How to create sub-domain for candidate site?
How to set logout URL ?
What is logout URL ?
What is sub domain?
What is Exam Monitor?
How to add Notification?
What is advantage of notification?
What is notification?
How to Activate or Deactivate Packages ?
How to Add New Group or Package ?
How to Add New Package?
How to Edit, Delete and View Packages ?
How to Set Price for Packages and Activation Days ?
How to View Packages ?
Can we accept Online Payments for online exam ?
How to get payment details of candidates?
What is TDR?
How to Register at Go4Read?
What is the different Plans for Admin Registration at Go4Read?
How to Control Privacy?
How to change my personal profile?
How to Add Different types of Questions?
How to Add Guidelines?
How to Add Passage?
How to Add Questions?
How to Attach guidelines to Questions?
How to create Passage type Questions?
How to Edit Questions?
How to know difficulty level of questions?
How to know Status of Questions?
How to manage Guidelines?
How to manage Passage?
How to Preview questions?
How to View Guidelines?
How to View Passage?
How to remove candidates from subscription list ?
How to see subscription list?
What is Subscription list ?
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What are the different sustainable and reliable online assessment platforms in India
What is the best online tool platform for testing assessment that allows all types questions
Create test exam in any language
Online exam system designed for individuals educational institutes business organizations and their candidates
Online test conducting software
Online exam software Demo
Conduct an Online Exam using Online Exam Software ?
Which software is used in conducting online examinations? How does it work ?
Online test conducting software features
online exam conducting companies in india
Online Examination system demo
How to conduct online test for free
online test conducting software
Create test Online exam in any language
Where can I create Entrance Examination for my Institute